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NEWS : V.S Motor is proud to introduce the ultimate solution for Audi 01E transmission

After a long period of co-operation with the technical genius Martin Schanche (Mr. Rallycross), we have developed a 6-speed, straight-cut, dogbox gearkit for Audi 01E 5 and 6-speed transmissions.


Specifications VM608 gearkit :
- Manufactured of high ally steel
- Includes all neccesary parts
- All internals fully polished
- Inputshaft is Chevrolet 1-1/8" 26-spline for maximum strength
- Standard ratios :
Spacer1 - 3,000:1
Spacer2 - 2,142:1
Spacer3 - 1,625:1
Spacer4 - 1,263:1
Spacer5 - 1,047:1 (alt. 1,000:1)
Spacer6 - 0,869:1 (alt. 0,826:1)
- Other ratios can be custom made on request (Additional cost will apply)

Pricing :
Gearkit VM608
97500,- +vat (NOK)
Installation labour
5000,- +vat (NOK)
(If assembled by V.S Motor, the customer must supply a complete 01E transmission in good condition)

Gearkits and spare parts are in stock at V.S Motor for immediate world-wide delivery

*** V.S Motor seeks distributors in countries outside Scandinavia, please contact us ***

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